Eye / The All Seeing Eye / The Eye

illuminati-logoraeyeThis is the main sign of Illuminati. This is the all seeing eye or the eye of providence. This also represents the Anti-Christ.These signs are available in major corporations and places. US dollars bill got the eye of providence.


666-266monstersecret-corporate-logos-america-online-bank-swastika-logo-hidden-logo-666-secret-logo-nazi-logo-nazi-hidden-666-logos-mark-of-the-beast-chip-obama-antichrist-all-seeing-eye-dfg666 is the mark of the beast.

Owl of Minerva

owlofminarvaThis was the founding logo of Illuminati by Adam Weishaupt. This sign is no longer continued. Some amateur like Drake likes to show off that he is a Illuminati.

Reverse Engineering

how-well-do-you-remember-hannah-montana-2-24324-1462810165-0_dblbigThese is called reversed engineering. It has a good effect on science like Big Bang is discovered by reverse engineering of the galaxy. But not so good in general lives. Look at the name “Hannah Montana”“HANNAH’ if you reverse the name it still the same. Its the same on the name “EMINEM”. Its actually “M&M” if you reverse it its still the same.

natoLook at the name of our world defense organization. Is this a mare coincidence or new way of titling organizations. Or it is part of Illuminati.

comedycentralComedy Central has been using innovative reverse engineering.