Rothschild has build their banking dynasty 500 years ago. From now, it has the highest banking dynasty in the world. Which controls media and politics. This movie made in 1934 about the Rothschild and how they gain over power of England and Europe.

Bank and Bankers

Banks and the Bankers are the main influence on the system. Everything is measured by money and money is measured by Banks and Bankers.


Money is the most influential thing on earth. All our lives now depend on money and we all only wants money, rather than the actual thing we need for our live like: food,shelter,etc.

Wealthiest Families of the World

As you know, Rothschild are the richest of all. But we have some other filthy rich families who’s agenda is to impoverish all of mankind. Some of them are: Cavendish Kennedy, Hapsburg, Rockefeller etc.

The Elite

There are some Elites who works on the top of Financial and other sectors. The committee of 300, Bloomberg meeting list and others who collect data and analysis the factor. They are truly enlightened but they are devoted to the system.

Big, Giant Corporations

Big Giant Corporations like Exxon, Starbucks, MacDonald, Dell, MasterCard and hundred more.

Corrupted Politicians

Money can buy¬†you anything. It’s very easy for big banks and corporate owner to buy some politicians and make the laws in their favor so that rich can get more rich and poor gets poorer.

Corrupted Media

Media is most powerful thing in earth in the 21st century. Big media company like Viacom, CBS, Comcast and all other inter-national and national media giants can easily manipulate peoples big and thought. They can also give you nightmares. They influence people on capitalism, feminism, homo-sexuality and many more weather that is right or wrong.

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