NWO- New World Order

New World Order means a one-world government. All the counties of the world will be ruled by one rule and one governance. Have you seen the the movie “Divergent”. The governance will be the same but for all the world. And if you have the capacity to realize the unjust for the people, you will be considered as a divergent and your memory will be erased.

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How To kill Illuminati

In This article we teach you how to defeat Illuminati.

Knowledge is power. The first this you need to do is to know about Illuminati and NWO(New World Order)

To defeat the Illuminati you need to follow these instructions :

1. Know about Illuminati and believe in it.

2. Avoid big companies.

3. Get financial freedom. Start your own business rather than working for the big companies.

4. Shop from small business owners rather than big companies like Walmart or others. The more you shop from big companies, they get richer. If you shop from small or local businesses thus other people gets beneficial, also you (indirectly).

5.If you don’t find a small business of your need, then establish one.

6. Avoid foods from big companies. They produce those foods only for profit, not for your health.

7. If you don’t find any foods without the big companies then produce your own foods and supply to people.

8. Encourage people to your Ideology. Tell people to shop from local business thus we get to help each other rather than making the richer more rich.

9. Don’t just put your money on banks. They will use your money to make more money, but they will give you a little interest.

10. Use your money to do your own business rather than putting on a safe deposit. You will gain profit or loss. But your money will not be in the hands of wrong doers.

11. Avoid propaganda news. Don’t be a mainstream. Hear the news and find the truth inside it.

12. Do not support any kinds of war. Most problems can be solved by talking or discussion. But no one is willing to cooperate with one another.

13. Educate and intelligence is different. Educate yourself and learn from that. Justify yourself if the lessons are right. Teach yourself.

14. Media influences people a lot of way. Latest movies and shows teaches us many things. Puts a question in your mind. Implements ideology in our brains.

15. Forbid kids from watching television. Kids learn what they see. Be very careful what they watching.

16. You are what you see. To much action movie makes you aggressive, science fiction movies make you more dedicated to science, romantics movies make you to fall in love again.

17. Support Geneva convention.

18. Let people know about the truth. Tell them about the facts.

19. Rise awareness from capitalism. Tell them how to defeat capitalism.

20. Be an anti-Illuminati. Make people anti-Illuminati. You can not change the society all by yourself.

21. Never lose hope. Always be positive. Be patience. Be productive.

22. Believe in yourself. One man can’t change the society but he can make difference.

Thanks all.