What is ‘Illuminati’

Illuminati is often described as a person, a group of persons, a committee or a wealthy family or a company or a group of company or a giant corporation or the persons who are in charge of major positions in higher-top class. Or combined of them all.

To understand Illuminati you have to understand the whole system of the world and how the it works.

Illuminati means the secret group of enlightened ones to build a better world. The secret group was built by Johann Adam Weishaupt in 1776. Which is the Bavarian Illuminati. But we are not going to talk about that. Because the secret group was shut down after few years. But the Ideology lives on.

This Pyramid will give you a understanding on Illuminati and how the world works.


What is conspiracy?
When a group of individuals or conspiracy theorists believe that the persons who are in charge of public benefits are working for the people. But actually in reality, they have a secret plan to abuse the power for their own benefits and agenda. They manipulate the consequences and differs the perspective. Thus the whole concepts gets a positive view form the people.

Check the conspiracy on NWO in Wikipedia and read the story below :


Civilization and Religion

The first human being “Adam” landed in Sri Lanka about 300000 years ago. First civilization started around 25000BC in Babylon. Then came Egyptian, Europeans, Indians, Chinese, Persians and rest. Around 25 BC, Aristotle and Pluto created the ‘modern society’ as we know today. At the same time Jesus Christ was born from a virgin mother Mary in Nazareth, Israel. Jesus said he is a savior for them sent by God and he is going to solve the problems in their mischief. Highest priest of the Jews filed a complain to the roman king because of corrupting their holy books. Under the order of the Roman king he was crucified for blasphemy. Later on, the followers of Jesus Christ travel through the Europe to spread their new religion as the modern Europe was looking for something to have faith in. They were so pleased on that bible and graphs it. The roman king also graphs the idea. They realized that they made a great mistake and they repent for it and all began to follow it. Later on the whole Europe became a christian continent. All the the things; their culture, rituals, laws everything was ruled by the Bible. This era happened from 200 to 1500 CE. By the time, people began to lose their faith. In the 15th hundred king Henry the third decided to demolish this ritual. You can believe whatever you want but the laws of the nations are determined by the people of the nations. Thus lead to the enlightenment of the righteous one. Thus lead to the Illuminati.

Modern World

The Modern World as we know know today begins in the late 16th century with discoveries. Then the Late 18th century gets us a lot of inventions. Also brought us new ways to study and money management. The Real Modern World came in the 19th century after 2 world war. Founded a new world with industrial revolution, Banking revolution, Media Power and Globalization through World.

The Born of Illuminati

Beginning in the late 17th century, there was a cultural movement of intellectuals who are now refereed to ‘The age of enlightenment’, their purpose was to reform society using reason to challenge ideas grounder than tradition and faith and to advance knowledge through the scientific method. It promotes scientific thoughts keep the intellectual interchange. Their enlightenment was at the time revolution in human thought.
May 1, 1776, a German philosopher, Johann Adam Weishaupt formed a secret society in the state of Bavaria, Germany named “the order of the Illuminati”. But only a few years later 1785 the order was infiltrated and suppressed by government agent of the newly elected ruler Charles Theodore. He saw the increasing popularity of these secret society such as Illuminati as a threat that could potentially overcome the throne Bavarian monarchy. Since then its not known what actually happened to them which had allegedly massed over 2000+ members  all across Europe. In years to come to this day, there are several claims and conspiracy that the Illuminati exist today. The day are behind such event French revolution and the assassination of JFK. Many also believe they have infiltrated the government across the globe that they are controlling and manipulation world advance. Supposedly to create a New world Order , global government in control of all of humanity. But as stated, there are no evidence that the Bavarian Illuminati survived his organization after King of England abandoned all secret socities.

There are quiet a few organization that claim to be the real Illuminati.  None of them have any proof.  So you have to take the their words for it. Unlike the original Bavarian Illuminati who try to remain a secret society. These modern are scams.

The group started with only 5 members in 1776. The plan was to use a for the 5 of them use a unique monarchy instead of their names.  Weishaupt become Spartacus, other 4 are nicknamed AJAX, Agatha, Tiberius, Erasmus Rotordemaus. They preferred to be called perfectionists rather than Illuminati.
Its interesting today that the Illuminati are almost anonymous with conspiracy theory and that they are in-picked the in-various form of media as a group that lurks in the shadow and pulls the strings behind the scene so do speak. Because the Illuminati was formed in the first place was to oppose superstition, religion influence over public life and most ironically abuse of state power. The very idea they were against at the beginning what we claim they are behind to day.
What makes Illuminati special. Because there were many secret societies at that time and all were shut down in 1785. The reason for this can be a few fictional books and a little bit of luck. 1798 a book title ” proofs of a conspiracy” by John Robinson A.M. was published with a theory that the Illuminati has survived and represented a ongoing international conspiracy. The book proofed to be very popular at that time but after a few decades of speculation the theory die down. It was until over century later that the fictional book series titled the ” the Illuminatus trilogy” in 1975 brought the theory back to life. However some people believe the book actually be true and ever since the conspiracy theory about the Illuminati has gone more popular than ever before.
Illuminati come from Latin word ‘illumantus’ means enlightened. A word means “a group claiming a superior enlightenment on a particular subject, specially religion”
The eye of providence or the all seeing eye. The symbol is the owl of Minerva. Why it is related to eye. Why- Many religions past and present represent eye has a higher superior power or god. The eye of Horus. watching us every mode quite fitting.
real life actual people. faked 9/11, JFK assassination. moon landing, celebrity. most common NWO. ilfitrated government, politicians, corporation and other key role of society to take over the world. In the end its up to you who/what to believe.

The clues are everywhere. The occult symbolism can be found in almost every major music video, concert, merchandise and records, what does it mean, a mare coincidence. The dark side of music industry. They love u, hate u and love u again, sold my soul to devil.
Music science. writing around 400 BC, the philosopher Plato commented that ” music gives soul to the universe, wings to the mind, flight to the imagination and life to everything” and  hundreds of scientific studies have proven that music can have a profound effect on human emotions, sensory perception and behavior. in 1839 Heinrich Wilhelm dove one made a fascinating audio discovery when he uncovered the strange phenomenon of binary beats, which are special frequencies within music that affect how brain waves behave and consequently our mood. a more recent study in 2012 by psychologist Annette schemer uncovered that our perception of external world directly affected by musical rhythm, because our brainwaves become in sync with auditory beats.whats most intriguing about this study is that Schemer realized that ” when people move in synchronize they are more likely to perceive the world in synchronicity”. This means that our mental processes can be altered simply by using music to manipulate brain wave oscillations. equally the power of the moving picture has been noted by some of the worlds most powerful and dangerous minds. Hitlers minister of propaganda , Joseph Goebbels said that ” film was one of the most modern and scientific means of influencing the masses.”
in 1980s, even ordinary parents across the country started to worry about the power of the media when 2 young male called Raymond Belknap and James Vance committed suicide under the alleged influence of satanic subliminal messages hidden in a Judas priest record.
Undoubtedly, music and the media has the power to influence our thoughts and behavior. So is it possible that a powerful group of world leaders, like the Illuminati, is controlling the music industry with the purpose to fill the media with subliminal messages of its own choosing ? And if this is the case, then why ? Illuminati was founded as an alternative secret fraternity to the Freemasons, and it advocated the sciences, gender quality and rationalism.  The Illuminati apparently disbanded when secret societies were made illegal. But many conspiracy theories like mark dice and David icky believe that the Illuminati lived on in secret and transformed into a new and much darker version of itself, with the primary goal of world domination.On the American one dollar bill, the Latin Phrase ” Novus Ordo Seclorum” appears on the back on one dollar bill. all seeing eye which is an old masonic seal. And translates to  ” new order of the ages.” and conspiracy theorist Manly P. Hall points out that founders of the American government has the closer tie with the Freemasons.Hall believes that Government and business have used the Freemasonry’s relationship with the occult to control the masses through Satanic symbolism. The triple 6…devils horn, inverted cross. are just the few of the  sings that have been branded across our media in-order to help pervert and deceive the nation into becoming sinful, gullible creatures. and What better way to establish this new world order and spread these symbols than through the music industry.

Hollywood Conspiracy

From 2004 to 2013, the global digital music industry generated approximately 6 billion dollar  and video hosting service VEVO has around 57 million unique visitors from the US alone every month. which means that songs and music videos by artist like Rihana, Justin Biber and Miley Cyrus reach a massive audience and could be used to brain wash the population with specific thoughts and ideas. many of Rihana music video contain Illuminati symbolism but her 2007 video umbrella is full of hidden satanic imagery. Even the album is called “Good girl gone BAD” which might highlight the Illuminati occult desire to pervert its  audience.  The demonic triangle, Rihanas sinful transformation, the six shadowed backing dancers and the devil himself can all be found in the video.this song along with many other chart hits out there convey similar messages , with the possible secret intention to create  society built on pleasure-seeking, distraction, celebrity obsession and dumping-down. From the Illuminati perspective, a nation built on these ideals is far more easier to manipulate, and so its much easier from this point to dominate the social hierarchy and establish their NWO.
In other owrds, according to conspiracy theorist Mark Dice, the Illuminati might be playing with our favourite musicians like puppets.  For a slice of fame, these artists have sold their souls to a secret evil organization, and now they’re paying the price by being forced to produce content against their will, so that the Illuminati can reign over a capitalist society.
Opposing the Illuminati is dangerous business. In sep 1996 rapper Tupac Shakur was shot dead in Las Vegas. Not just a ordinary artist, Tupac was also a poet and activist who spoke out against capitalism and oppression. His final studio album, The Don Killuminati: the 7 day theory” was thought to have angered the music industry and in an interview Tupac explicitly says ” that’s why I’m putting the K to it. because I’m killing that Illuminati shit” many fans consulted that he was murdered by Illuminati for insulting them.if this organization is real, then they are not messed with. A much more unsettling theory about the occult symbolism sprawled across our media, is that its not just a warning sign from musicians about the threat of a dangerous New World Order, but rather, a celebration by the Illuminati, gloating at its accomplishment in infiltrating the minds of a nation through the pervasive world of music and media.according to political scientist Noam Chomsky the fat cats hold on music, advertising, and video has a direct impact on the distribution of wealth within America. Today 1 % of American household own a massive 34.5% of privately held wealth, which is exactly what the Illuminati want to oppress the masses through poverty.

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